Sunday, August 26, 2012


So this says it all...Julia does it all.
Hope you all have been well.  I'll up date with pictures soon.
know we are tanned and happy.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Been a long time....

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. But I 'll write about our adventures soon.  I really wanted to post this... It's my life.

I love Will Ferrell.

Thanx for reading.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Bi-Monthly posts...

Last year I could hardly wait to write on the blog.  What a difference a year makes.  I am having a really hard time finding time to update.  I envy those organized blogging moms for their diligence and discipline. Perhaps if I was sponsored I'd feel a greater urge to produce eloquent  and witty prose for the view...but alas I am not so I do not.  What I am trying to say is. . . I am sorry for not updating more often.

What I can offer is this update. Long and full of our nonsense.
B has decided she is not sure if she wants to keep the dog.  It is hard to share time and attention with the pup and she does not like picking up the poop.
Gemma has become very comfortable here with us.  She brings the shoes or various items of clothing of the person she wants to play with to the center of the room.  We chase her, tell her no, put her on her bed, she shows us her belly, we rub and rub and she kicksher back leg till we stop. Then we resume our previous activity.  This is repeated a half dozen times.  Endless fun...a dog.  B does like the playing and walking just not the pooping! We tell her Everybody Poops...

Wusthof is still laying down the cat law for the pup who seems to be a bit slow on the uptake of cat rules.  It usually goes something like this. . . Cat comes out of hiding and demands our attention which draws pups attention.  Pup runs over at top speed and jump stops before the cat.  You would think this would please the cat since he likes to feel like the boss.  But instead it only seems to irritate him.  He sits up and yells something in cattish none of us understand but the pup lays down and whines. Cat seems satisfied. . . until pup skooches forward and WHAM! Smacks the pup on the nose... no claws of course.  The pup jumps up and ...WHAM, WHAM, WHAM! The cat kicks the pups !&& till the pup goes to lay on her bed.  Cat triumphantly jumps up on the couch ( where the pup is not allowed) and sits over the pup on her bed.  Poor puppy.  This happens about once every other day.  It is funny to watch the establishment of the animal

 Cats rule!

J's parents have been here for the month.  We have spent a lot of  time down on the beach with them.  We love the beach! It is in the 90's this week and that is swimming weather.  Though I have to say the water is a bit chilly, but that is not the point right!
We love the Grands and it is always so much fun for B.  She and Grandma are silly and Poppa is forever teasing.  Grandma teaches B how to spray whipped cream into her mouth and makes the best sweet drinks ever.  B and Poppa watch basketball games and read stories and books.  Then there is snuggle time and lots of hugs that only Grandparents can give.  She truly loves her family and is sooooo happy around them.
She has also Great Grands too.  Nana and Bubba.  Nana teaches her how to crochet and make beaded jewlery and Bubba fixes her bike, and lets her watch endless movies.

We feel so fortunate to have Grand and Great Grand  parents in our childs life.  They give her something we never could, but hope to someday give her kids. I think that something is knowing she will be alright. She will do great things no matter what we do or do not do to her in her childhood. That you are only young once so do it all then.  Fail and succeed while the consequences are small. . . oh, and eat lots whipped cream.

Things I Love

You can not pick them. Sometimes they drive you nuts.   They tend to bring out the best in you.  You can be cranky, silly, bossy, whimpy, sicky, lovey, a word just plain you and they love you anyway.

I love my families ( the one was born into, the one I married into and the one I have chosen to call friends).

I have had the kindle since Christmas and been a reading fiend this year.  I love, love, love the e reader.
I have read classics and current (I am currently reading Gertrude Stein and the Hunger Game trilogy).  I love that I have access to an endless book supply no matter where I am.   I still love books.  Nothing can ever replace the feeling of holding a book, written word and the sound turning a page makes, mind you but the kindle is nice too.

~Once Upon A Time

I am addicted to this show.

Thank you for reading


Monday, March 12, 2012


Yesterday we received a wonderful new addition to our family.  She is a very sweet, very mellow 3 month old Labrottie.  We rescued her from death on the very day it was to be dealt to her.  We should have named her Lucky  or  Daylight, but we chose Gemma.
I am a bit tired this morning as I take her our every 2 hours for a pit stop. She is also being Kennel trained. This was her first night away from her sister as well .She was very vocal and it was heart breaking.  Don't feel too bad.  She needed a little time and she had the hang of it by midnight.  She's laying at my feet as I type.

B is in love.  She is very excited about our new pet and repeats every command I say to the.  She cleaned her room on Saturday after we watched a video about puppies.  "I don't want her to get sick or eat my toys mum," she says.  She lays and watches her sleep.  She keeps her water bowl filled.  I only hope she is this excited in a month.
Wusthof is less than thrilled.  He is being very grown up about and not taking it out on the puppy.  He does give us sideways stances and Halloween kitty poses however.  He keeps yelling at me and walking over to the pup.  He sits just close enough to watch her.  He gave the pup only one smack and it was when she put her noes right in his face and barked.  It was hard not to laugh, really.  He doesn't really care about the dog, he just does not want his stuff messed up.  He is the boss of us all.
We'll be busy this week with lots of puppy stuff.  Send notes for any suggestions.  I've read a couple of books since Friday night when we knew she was coming to us.  There is no such thing as too much information.

Enjoy the pictures:

Thank you for reading.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

My favorite story by a great and funny author. . . 

For B's school we made these fun cakes:
I used Megacafty for the toppers. Very cute indeed.

Here are mine. . . almost as pretty.  You can see the drippy first one bled a bit.  So, I used a little corn syrup in the red dye to get it to stay put better.
 Strange colored sweet frosting, sweet cake and marshmallows.  The kid happiness trinity.    In an unrelated story B came home complaining of a headache.  

Hmmmm. . .

Thanx for reading. . .


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hail Champis!

Check out lil' Champis kickn' butt and taken' names.  Puts Babe to shame.